It's the last thing
we think about.


It's the last thing
we think about.

We know what you’re thinking.

That’s the last thing a health and wellbeing agency should say.

But ask anyone with an illness to define themselves and ‘patient’ is last on the list. Instead, they’re parents, partners, adventure–seekers and cat enthusiasts before they even think of their condition.   So to change a patient’s life, we have to know a person’s life.

And that’s what makes us different. Our team, combining pharma insight and consumer thinking, look at all the things that make us human. From the books on our shelves to how milky we have our tea. It might seem strange but it means that everything we do will challenge your way of thinking.

Yes, patients are the last thing we think about. But people, they’re top of our list. Because we are the parents, the partners, the adventure-seekers and the cat enthusiasts. And the work we do is more than just work to us.

It’s life. And it matters.



The first thing
on our mind.

Why #H4BMcr?


You may have noticed we don’t have an agency twitter account. Instead, we have an agency hashtag.


Here at H4B we pride ourselves on the people who make up the team. We’re not just one voice. We’re lots of different individuals, with different motivations, different interests and different skills. So, we decided it was better you could see and hear from the people who make us, who we are.


See what we’re up to at #H4BMcr on Twitter and Instagram.

And the award goes to… The world!


At the recent Communiqué awards, we were proud to see The World vs.MS campaign take home the gong for Excellence in Social Media Strategy.


The judges described The World vs.MS as one of the best campaigns they’d seen and how we need “more work like this to raise everyone else’s standards.”


But before we start to blush too much, we’d just like to thank Sanofi Genzyme for sharing the same vision as us. The MS community and our Steering Committee for your constant support and guidance. Our trusted partners, MS Ireland, Entrepreneurial Spark and Wired, who have all helped us achieve truly great things. Maisie, our office dog, who’s always on hand to help bounce ideas around. The sandwich lady, for using just the right amount of mustard on our…




The World vs.MS

“The World vs.MS initiative is so powerful and relevant right now. It’s reaching out to people affected by MS in different ways and is so proactive in its approach to finding solutions to those everyday problems for people like me living with this condition every day. It’s quite inspiring really.”


– Paula, Living with MS


Knowing the importance of a great customer experience, Merck asked if we could help them maximise their multi-channel marketing and develop more meaningful connections with their customers.
Over a two-day workshop we discussed their lives and needs and how best to support them. And then overnight we developed the top three ideas into working prototypes.



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