Over an interactive two-day workshop, we delivered an exploration of multi-channel marketing to better understand the relationship between Merck’s customers and their own unique experiences.

The brief

What were we asked to do?

Providing a great customer experience is an important part of business. But as the world continually develops, the expectations of that experience develop too. Knowing its importance, Merck asked if we could help them learn more about multi-channel marketing and how to better connect with their customers.

The challenge

How did we do it?

Our team joined the team at Merck, for a two-day workshop in Germany. There we explored their customer’s lives and needs and generated ideas we believed could help to support them. At the end of day one we sent three of these ideas back to the H4B team in Manchester and by the time everyone regrouped in the morning, these had been brought to life as working prototypes.

The results

How did they react?

The workshop helped to challenge current ways of thinking and we received great feedback from the attendees. Over 48 hours and several cups of coffee, we had created the starting point for multiple support tools and we’re looking forward to seeing how the development of these ideas will continue to ‘join the dots’ for Merck and their customers in the future.


“We’re focusing on educating stakeholders first, as an approach to MCM, to empower our patients.

– Damien Zlobicki, Merck



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